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Huntley High School Newscast/Broadcast | RNN SEASON 5 EPISODE 13

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome to another newscast/broadcast of Raider Nation News!

Over the summer George Floyd was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin after Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds. Chauvin is currently on trial, and we will take a deeper look into the officer’s trial.

During the fall HHS was missing one big thing, football! Well don’t worry our Red Raiders are back on the field and tearing it up. RNN reporter Luke Novak takes a look at this year’s team.

One thing I think it is safe to say we all miss is, Raider Nation. Let’s take a look on how Raider Nation is keeping the spirit and pep this year.

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Twitter: @HHSTVProduction

Instagram: @hhstvproduction

Editor: Jacob Habel

Anchor: Vickie Vargas

Story 1: Nick Ziolkowski

Story 2: Luke Novak

Story 3: Vickie Vargas

Weather: Logan Young

Teleprompter: Lauren Courtney

Writer: Ty Goodrich

Adviser: Lauren Teeter


1. Wash your hands

2. Wear a mask

3. Stay safe


0:00 - Intro to RNN

0:23 - Derek Chauvin Trial

2:54 - Varsity Football

4:32 - Raider Nation

6:45 - Weather

7:19 - Outro

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