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Frequently asked questions

Last updated: May 2019

Who made

Jacob Habel

During the COVID-19 pandemic in the early days of 2020, Jacob Habel (as a sophomore) developed



Is Raider Nation News no longer uploading to YouTube?


We still upload our newscasts to YouTube for those outside our platform to access.


Who is the current teacher for RNN?

Lauren Teeter

Lauren Teeter has been the current TV Production teacher since 2019.



Where is the RNN studio?

Huntley High School in room W1005

The main RNN room is W1005. Most people will tell you that it's W1007, but that room leads to the studio instead of the main room.   


Who founded RNN?

Mr. Tom George

In 2014, speech teacher known as, "Mr. Tom George" was the first official teacher. He called his team, "D158 TV". In 2016, Mrs. Gilleland and her first class renamed the brand to be, "Raider Nation News".  




How were the 3D backgrounds made?

Open source software called, "Blender"

Over the summer of 2019, Jacob Habel was on a 20 hour long airplane ride to Hawaii. Habel used that time to make 3D environments on his laptop in an open source software known as blender. Habel stated that he was so tired seeing the old 2D backgrounds taken off of Google that he literally learned Blender all on his own to make new backgrounds from scratch for RNN to use from here on.   


What editing software do we use?

Final Cut Pro

A majority of the team uses Final Cut Pro since it's powerful, fast, and easy to learn. Other staff use Premiere Pro since it has more features than Final Cut, but more advanced to learn.  


Is the RNN class hard?

It depends

The RNN class can either be easy or hard depending on how much experience you have on film making. 


Why does RNN upload every Friday?

There's only so much we can do

Some people complain that we don't capture news on time, and that's because we have a small team on a tight schedule. We're trying our best to find a solution to this problem.


How do I join RNN?

Contact your class counselor

Or learn more by clicking here.

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