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Huntley High School Newscast/Broadcast | RNN SEASON 5 EPISODE 10

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome to another newscast/broadcast of Raider Nation News!

In our world news, we learn more about Europe’s most active volcano. Mt. Etna, located in Italy, has erupted two times in the last seven days, causing a lot of smoke to come out and pollute the air. Let’s take a closer look.

Wind currents have been blowing smoke from Mt. Etna as far away as southern and eastern Europe, where air quality has already been poor for weeks due to wood-burning in homes and cold weather trapping air pollution close to the ground level. While our home environment may not be directly affected, we sure hope everyone across the pond is okay.

Last year march madness was canceled due to covid but this year it's back! Lets flip over to RNN reporter Jackson Locascio to give us a run down of the teams we should look out for.

Use the link below to access a blank bracket and compete with friends and family! Tune in to CBS for Selection Sunday at 5pm.

Here at HHS, we have a lot of talented people. Did you know we also have an award winning rapper in our school? Here is Joe Zephries with the scoop.

Congratulations again to Joe on his Chicago Music Award! We can’t wait to watch you succeed.


Today we have a high of 50 with cloudy skies. Tonight we will see the temperature drop to 30.

Both Saturday and Sunday will be partly cloudy with a high of 43 and low of 27.

We hope you take some time to enjoy this spring weather over your extended weekend, Raiders!

Wowee Zowee!

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Twitter: @HHSTVProduction

Instagram: @hhstvproduction

Editor: Jacob Habel

Story 1: Jonathan Crase

Story 2: Jackson Locascio

Story 3: Joseph Zephries

Weather: Jonathan Crase


1. Wash your hands

2. Wear a mask

3. Stay safe


0:00 - Intro to RNN

0:25 - Mt. Etna Erruption

1:02 - March Madness

2:28 - BBY Joe

4:22 - Weather

4:46 - Outro

4:56 - WOW!

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