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Huntley High School Newscast: RNN S4 E8

This is an official high school broadcast hosted by Huntley High School.

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome back to another episode of Raider Nation News!

RNN had the unique opportunity to sit down with some of the members of mock child club and learn all about what they do... 0:30

For more information, contact Ms. Furrier about this amazing opportunity. The first informational meeting will take place on Wednesday the 20th in room W2022.

The 2020 elections are coming up faster than you would expect, and many students will be eligible for voting. Are you interested into registering but overwhelmed with where to even begin? Well, the following information may help you out ... 1:13

Huntley High School recently broke ground on an exciting new project to install one of the largest solar panel arrays at any Illinois public school. We met with Dr. Roe who has been with this initiative since the beginning to learn more... 2:08

RNN has the amazing opportunity to interview some of the lovely cast of the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory play. Here's a closer look into the interviews.

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Happy Friday Raiders!

- Raider Nation News

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