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Huntley High School Newscast: RNN S4 E5

This is an official high school broadcast hosted by Huntley High School.

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome to our Halloween special edition of Raider Nation News!

This year, "National Honor Society Members" and "Best Buddies Club" have teamed up for a new spooky event. Let's hear more from our student leaders and sponsors... 0:29

Are you in the spirit to celebrate Halloween but don't know what to do? You should take a look at one of our local haunted houses... 1:23

** Haunt 31 is located at 340 S Annandale Dr, Lake in the Hills. To learn more about Haunt 31, make sure to go check out their website at **

This past Saturday, RNN reporter "Bella Doles" traveled to Elgin to learn more about nightmare on Chicago Street. Here is a closer look... 3:30

-- Feedback --

If you enjoyed this week's episode of Raider Nation News, we highly recommend giving feedback to us! (We love hearing your voice!)

-- A Special Thank You To ... --

Maria Mirkhan, who edited the newscast this week for our Halloween edition of Raider Nation News and also filming and editing the "Spooky Buddies" story.

Madi Bunda, for filling in "Ryan Oates" anchor role due to a problem in the post production process when it came to keying out the green hair on the wig Ryan Oates was wearing in the newscast.

Nick Decatoire, for managing the newscast, working the camera, setting up the lights for green screen, and directing.


Jacob Habel, for going above and beyond with his story "Haunt 31" on Cory Wrolson, designing the Halloween backgrounds from scratch, designing our Halloween thumbnail, and designing the new epic Halloween intro.

Happy Friday Raiders, and have a great Halloween!

- Raider Nation News

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