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Huntley High School COVID-19 Update: RNN S4 E18

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome back to this weeks episode of Raider Nation News! We know this is an extremely long newscast but in these unsure times we have a lot of good information to share. Below we have the timing for each segment.

Hand Washing TIK TOK: 0:23

Student Council Update: 0:50

Update from the District: 2:01

Activity and Competition Cancelation Update: 8:52

Italians warning to Americans:

This is the first ever E-Learning edition of Raider Nation News. Filmed and edited completely off site. We are so proud of our dedicated staff for creating this newscast amid the school closures and COVID-19 concerns.

We will be here providing District 158 and local Coronavirus updates when they come available. Please turn on push-notifications to alerted as soon as we post.

On todays RNN we talked with members of Student Council about upcoming events at HHS. While these events have not yet been canceled, depending on the nature of the COVID-19 virus there may be cancellations in the future.

Some of our students created an informative TIK TOK to show you the proper way to wash your hands. It is important to use soap and warm water while scrubbing your hands for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to wash your hands often to protect against COVID-19.

Reporter Isabella Cangiolosi set up a FaceTime call with Superintendent Dr. Rowe and HHS Principal Mr. Belin for some important updates from the district and high school. While we do not have clear information on prom, graduation, or other HHS events at this point, we will be sure to keep you updated as soon we receive news.

Finally, we talk with Mr. Brown and some members of The Voice as well as Travel Club for some updates on IHSA competitions and upcoming trips. While the cancellation of these events is disappointing, we are glad precautions have been made to keep everyone safe.

Thank you all so much for tuning in to this weeks RNN, we are so glad we are able to deliver the news to you all even if our studio is currently shut down. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @HHSTVProduction and on Instagram @HHSTVProduction for important updates. Stay safe and Happy Friday! We'll see you after spring break.

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