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Huntley High School Newscast/Broadcast | RNN SEASON 5 EPISODE 14

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome to another newscast/broadcast of Raider Nation News!

Created in 1970, the original Earth Day was celebrated by more than 20 million people. Now it’s estimated over one billion people participate every year, making it the largest secular observance in the world. RNN Reporter Jonathan Crase gives us a closer look.

Are you interested in making some money this summer? Maybe even a small part time job? RNN reporter Logan Young shows us all about employment opportunities this summer.

Congratulations to our crew here at RNN, including special shoutouts to Paige DeSimone and Jacob Habel, on placing first at the sectional competition. Good luck at state tomorrow guys!

Last week, we here at RNN launched a new variety show, RNN After Dark! It is a fun show for all, including interview segments, game shows, and a musical guest. You guys won’t want to miss it and if you are interested in joining future segments, you can sign up through the link tree in our social media bios or using the link in the description below.

Additionally, our new sports segment, RNN Overtime, can be found on our social medias. RNN Overtime has pushed out “athlete of the week” voting. Make sure you head over to twitter or instagram to place your votes for the athlete you think should win. This week’s winners will be posted be sure to keep an eye out!

And don’t worry if you didn’t place your vote this week you can place it next week when tennis doubles partners Andrew Burkey and Thomas Patel will be up against softball player Reese Hunkins for the award.

Unfortunately the varsity football game has been cancelled for tonight. Congratulations to the team for the hard work they put into the season and we are sad to see it over. Although this happened, it is a reminder that we are not out of this pandemic yet and need to continue to mask up and wash our hands so future events, such as graduation, don’t get cancelled as well.


Tonight be ready for possible rain in the evening and be prepared for temperatures to drop to the low 40s.

Tomorrow morning if you are wanting to attend the tennis, lacrosse, softball, or baseball games make sure you bring your raincoat and umbrella because rain is expected throughout the day with a high of 61 and a low of 34.

Sunday cools down a little bit as it will be cloudy for the majority of the day with a high of 52 and a low of 37 with possible sunshine before the sun sets.

And get excited because it is expected to heat up throughout next week with partly cloudy days along with sunny days throughout.

Be sure to follow our social media accounts for HHS updates and other fun content!

Twitter: @HHSTVProduction

Instagram: @hhstvproduction

Editor: Jacob Habel

Anchor: Josie Curtin

Story 1: Jonathan Crase

Story 2: Logan Young

Weather: Tyler Bahwell

Advisor: Lauren Teeter

Teleprompter: Jacob Habel


1. Wash your hands

2. Wear a mask

3. Stay safe

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