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Huntley High School Newscast: RNN S4 E7

This is an official high school broadcast hosted by Huntley High School.

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome back to another episode of Raider Nation News!

G.S.A has two sponsors this year, Ms. Pratt, and Mr. Janke. We met with club members and Mr. J to shed some light on what the club means to current members ... 0:34

Our Huntley Athletes have been dominating the headlines recently. Did you know that we have athletes on the ice as well? Lets take a closer look... 2:34

The game is at 3:40 PM this Sunday at leaf side center. See you all there!

Did you read the voice article on recycling and a lack thereof at HHS? With climate change and rising sea levels, it is becoming even more important to be knowledgeable about our environment. Environmental Club has a few announcements for fellow raiders about an upcoming fundraiser... 4:08

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Happy Friday Raiders!

- Raider Nation News

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