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Huntley High School Newscast: RNN S4 E3

This is an official high school broadcast hosted by Huntley High School.

Good Morning Huntley High School! On this weeks edition of Raider Nation News!

We met up with Mr. Belin to learn more about the newly opened courtyard as well as some rules and expectations of the students when using the courtyard. We also visited Pioneer farm to look at some new fall activities you might not have known about. Pioneer farm is located in Hampshire so make sure to check it out this fall.

The PE Department is raising funds to support families in the district and community who have or are survivors of Breast Cancer. This event is taking place on Friday, October 18th during all PE class periods. We encourage all faculty members to come down to the East Gym for a Party in Pink Fundraiser! We will have dancing, activities, and raffles. In order to participate, each student and faculty member must donate $1 to the cause.

Happy Friday Red Raiders!

- Your Raider Nation News Team

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