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Huntley High School Newscast: RNN S4 E15

Good Morning Huntley High School! Welcome back to this week's episode of Raider Nation News!


Blake Kellinger: I’m sure you’ve seen the massive solar panels that have been installed in our school’s front yard. What you may not have seen is the protest taking place due to the installation.

Maria Mirkhan: A guest RNN reporter, Makenzie Blake, investigated the matter.

Solar Panel Protest

View story ➞ 0:35


Maria Mirkhan: Are you familiar with the super smash brothers club? RNN reporter Jimmy Skarbonkowitz met with the leaders of the Smash club.

Blake Kellinger: Let’s take a closer look.

Super Smash Bros

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Blake Kellinger: You’ve heard it while sitting in the stands at games. You’ve seen it printed on our school shirts. You’ve used it to caption your instagram posts.

Maria Mirkhan: We’re talking about “Hey! Hey! Huntley!” The phrase we equate with Raider Nation school spirit. We met with Mr. Overstreet, better known as Mr. O., to hear how this phrase began.

Mr. O

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THANK YOU for watching this weeks episode of Raider Nation News! Have a wonderful weekend Red Raiders!

Credit to all the amazing people!

Main Editor - Maria Mirkhan

Anchor #1 - Blake Kellinger

Anchor #2 - Maria Mirkhan

Camera - Isabella Cangelosi

Teleprompter - Bella Doles

Solar Panels Story - Blake Buczkiewicz

Guest reporter - Mackenzie Blake

This email outside of District 158 cannot be listed here

Super Smash Bros Story - Jimmy Skarbonkiewicz

B-Roll Footage - Nick Baggio

Hey Hey Huntley Story - Taryn Sargent

Mr. Apple Man - Jacob Habel

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